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Your Safety

Before you go and buy from another company think about your safety. We do and it is a major priority with us.  ​I am sure you all have heard not to buy from us and our PSD rack system is not set up to hold a air tank or Fire Extinguisher.

This is not true. We warn people on how to protect themselves in case of an accident. ​ It is not about a lawsuit or anything in that matter. It is about your safety. Until we found this company H3R featured in a wanderlost overland video  


​Until we found this company there was not a safe way to attach a Fire Extinguisher to our racks. Yes we have told you in the past to place it in a molle bag and then to the PSD rack. With H3R new system it is safe and secure.

So why buy from a company that does not care about your safety first.?

Protecting your own passengers, your little ones and your pets?

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Fire Extinguisher safety and our storage solutions.

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